Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to 3-Fins Blog

My name is Monika.  I am the lucky mother of three beautiful girls, Kristy, Megan and Julia.  Their love of mermaids began a number of years ago.  I have to give my girls credit for giving me the idea to create these mermaid tails. They drew endless pictures of them and dreamed about being one.  On one sunny day, they even became mermaids, in the best way that their imagination allowed them to.  I was away that afternoon but to my surprise and delight I came home to find mermaids in our small backyard pool.  The girls had taken a pair of leggings each and put both feet into one side of the leggings, the extra “leg” they wrapped and tied around their waist.  This outfit was finished off with a pair of fins.  They were beaming!  Armed with a background in sewing that my mother had taught me, I set about to design and create a mermaid tail for the girls that they could actually swim in.  The girls were thrilled with the tails I made them and consequently wore them everywhere we went.  Whilst holidaying the tails were such a hit with onlookers that I received many enquiries as to whether I sold them.  I started making the tails through word of mouth and via emails.  After a while I decided to set up a website where people could see photos of them and order them online.  Swimming with the mermaid tails has brought my girls so much joy that I wanted to be able to share that happiness with any others who also wished and dreamed of being a mermaid. 

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